Keeping All Of The Plates Spinning….just


No, I’ve not been playing with the crockery or learning circus tricks but this week has been nothing short of bedlam. Weeks like this come along every once in a while and this one caught me unawares.

In the past friends and co-workers have said to me that they don’t know how I do “it” every week. I’m not sure what “it” is because I’m usually well organised to the point of being OCD about certain tasks.

I guess “it” is normal daily life and we all just have to get on with “it”- we don’t really have any choice at the end of the day.

Perhaps in an  average week I juggle a few more plates than some folk but that’s my choice (keeps me out of mischief!) but I’m human too.

So here we are at Thursday – half of my brain is saying “Surely it’s only Tuesday?” and the other half is saying “TFIF tomorrow!”

The “To Do” list is only part way ticked off.

All the “salt mine” plates are spinning away merrily, all the “mum” plates are hanging in there too, the social media/ fan page admin plates continue to spin, the Book Baby 3 plate had a wee wobble but has been rescued- whew!- the blog post plate….well…


Something had to give….. I’m only human after all. 🙂

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