The Colours of Autumn

When did you last pause in your hectic day to look around you and appreciate the beauty of the Autumn colours?

They are spectacular!

Much as I love a hot sunny summer’s day, a crisp sunny Autumn day comes a close second. I was out for a meander at lunchtime today and that was when the variety of colours that Mother Nature has created for us really struck me.

The sun was hitting the leaves of the trees around the area where the salt mine is  and they were positively glowing gold. There were scarlet berries in the hedgerow. Some of the green plants and bushes were turning to their autumn orange and reds. Oh so pretty!

It’s as though we’re being treated to a last colourful display before the dark days of winter are upon us.

If you haven’t looked around you, here’s a few photos to remind you of what you are missing.


One response to “The Colours of Autumn

  1. Mrs. Mother Dirt

    Beautiful photos.I love the unqiue colors, smells, and tastes of autumn.


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