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August?….who stole Summer?

NO!…. I’m not ready for summer to be over for another year šŸ˜„

I love summer. I love the light nights, the long days, the sunshine…even the smell of summer rain. Well, I live in Scotland after all LOL

There is no denying it though…summer is slipping away all too quickly. Even Mother Nature is leaving hints for us. Look!

Maybe we’ll get an Indian summer…. ever the optimist šŸ™‚

As summer departs….

There’s a certain stillness to the evenings now that summer is ebbing away. The air is cooler. The beach is quieter.

I use my daily meandering as time to think, time to reflect, time to daydream. It’s my “me time”.

Occasionally I’ll set myself a photo challenge as I’m wandering along, partly to give myself something to “focus” on.

Recently the challenge was “berries”

How many sleeps til summer returns?…….

Autumn – an acrostic poem

Autumn colours swathe the world

Uncertain times still upon us

Time for resilience

Unknownsā€¦so many unknowns lie ahead

More than I care to contemplate

Now to watch and wait to see what Autumn brings

Summer is holding onto her colours as Autumn encroaches….

0919 10

There’s no denying it….Summer has slipped by all too fast.

The mornings are darker, the evenings are darker, the sun isn’t quite as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago…there’s an Autumnal feel to the world.

However, my patio garden isn’t letting go of Summer without a fight- a colour fight!

0919 10919 20919 30919 40919 50919 60919 70919 80919 9

Even, Sioux,Ā  is still holding onto his Summer “brown rather than black” look.


Till next year, Lady Summer.

Pause….. Breathe…ā€¦ Open Your Eyes

Sometimes you need to hit ā€œpauseā€ and just escape into the great outdoors.

Itā€™s no secret ā€“ I love the sun, regardless of how hot or cold the air temperature may be. While I much prefer a hot sunny summer day, I canā€™t resist the crisp cold sunny days of Autumn.

Recently one such day lured me out for a long walk with my camera.

We spend so much of our lives rushing from A to B, glued to our laptops, or browsing social media on our phones that we forget to hit ā€œpauseā€ and actually look up and appreciate the world around us.

Itā€™s amazing what you see when you just open your eyes ā€¦.. here, take a look!


Sometimes You Just Need To Stop And Look At The Colours Around You…..


I’ve been reflectingĀ and thinking….. (Oh, no! Here she goes! I hear you cry!)

Life is busy. Life is chaotic. It’s demanding on usĀ Ā mentally and physically. We areĀ  overloaded on a daily basis with information thanks to the technology that we have at our fingertips. It’s terrifying the amount of informationĀ  that we carry around in our pockets without a second thought about it.Ā AtĀ the touch of the screen, we can connect with friends all over the world and see snapshots of their lives. Web cams allow us to “peek”Ā  live time into cities and beaches andĀ  who knows where else the world over. We even have devices in our own homes that we talk to…”Alexa, play songs by….”Ā  Sometimes she even does as she’s asked. (My Alexa is developing an attitude)

So, how often do you actually press “pause” and look at the world around you, the real world?

This thought first struck me a few weeks back as I strolled through a largely deserted Dublin on a Sunday morning. It’s struck me a few times since.

Autumn (Fall, if you prefer) is a myriad of colours. Have you even noticed? Did it even cross your mind to look?

I did….. and here’s some of the colours I found.


So, next time you go for a walk, keep your phone in your pocket and look at the world around you instead of the screen. You might be pleasantly surprised.


The Colours of Autumn

When did you last pause in your hectic day to look around you and appreciate the beauty of the Autumn colours?

They are spectacular!

Much as I love a hot sunny summer’s day, a crisp sunny Autumn day comes a close second. I was out for a meander at lunchtime today and that wasĀ when the variety of coloursĀ that Mother Nature has created for us really struck me.

The sun wasĀ hitting the leaves of theĀ trees around the area where the salt mine isĀ  and they were positively glowing gold. There were scarlet berries in the hedgerow. Some of the green plants and bushes were turning to their autumn orange and reds. Oh so pretty!

It’s as though we’re being treated to a last colourful display before the dark days of winter areĀ upon us.

If youĀ haven’t looked around you, here’s a few photos to remind you of what you are missing.