Socially Distanced Scavenger Hunt


A dear friend posted this on Facebook on Easter Sunday morning. Now, I’m pretty sure she meant it as an idea to support frazzled parents entertain their equally frazzled children during lockdown however….

Well, I like channelling my inner child.

As I set off for my daily wander, I had a screenshot of this to hand. Technically, I did have a child with me, Boy Child, but not entirely sure he qualifies any more LOL

Some items proved to be more of a challenge than others. Believe it or not, there wasn’t a bird to be seen! And an acute shortage of spider’s webs! ( I think the spider that spun the web we eventually found must have been drunk – not the best web! Spider’s webs are also extremely difficult to photograph in the sun.)

So, here’s what we found..


Well, Laurie, how did I do? 🙂





4 responses to “Socially Distanced Scavenger Hunt

  1. Laurie Paterson

    Love it! You both did so well! I’m glad that you had such fun on this Easter Day! Huge love tiny. xxx 💗

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  2. What lovely things! There seem to be peacock butterflies everywhere round here just now. 🙂

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