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As summer departs….

There’s a certain stillness to the evenings now that summer is ebbing away. The air is cooler. The beach is quieter.

I use my daily meandering as time to think, time to reflect, time to daydream. It’s my “me time”.

Occasionally I’ll set myself a photo challenge as I’m wandering along, partly to give myself something to “focus” on.

Recently the challenge was “berries”

How many sleeps til summer returns?…….

Socially Distanced Scavenger Hunt


A dear friend posted this on Facebook on Easter Sunday morning. Now, I’m pretty sure she meant it as an idea to support frazzled parents entertain their equally frazzled children during lockdown however….

Well, I like channelling my inner child.

As I set off for my daily wander, I had a screenshot of this to hand. Technically, I did have a child with me, Boy Child, but not entirely sure he qualifies any more LOL

Some items proved to be more of a challenge than others. Believe it or not, there wasn’t a bird to be seen! And an acute shortage of spider’s webs! ( I think the spider that spun the web we eventually found must have been drunk – not the best web! Spider’s webs are also extremely difficult to photograph in the sun.)

So, here’s what we found..


Well, Laurie, how did I do? 🙂





Looking at the world in small rectangles

In 2013 I undertook a photography challenge. The task was to post a different photo each day to Facebook and that it had to be a photo taken that day.

By October/November time it really was a challenge and was also bordering on an obsession!

There’s only so many different things that you see in a normal humdrum day.

However, I completed the challenge and would encourage any aspiring photographers to give it a go sometime.

The legacy of this photography endurance event is that I still have that mindset to be looking for my photo of the day.

If I’m out for a walk, as is my usual want at lunchtime, I’m constantly looking at the world around me in small rectangles.

I am also a creature of habit. You could almost set your watch by me!

This means that I walk the same route most days at lunchtime. (I confess that over the past month I’ve been taking a longer route but that’s primarily to get my step count up as part of the annual GCC challenge to complete 10000 steps per day for 100 days)

Every day I take two precious items with me – my iPod and my phone. Phone means camera. Camera leads to photographs and so it goes on.

If you walk with your eyes wide open to the world around you it’s amazing what you can see. Whether it’s a boat sailing gracefully down the Clyde or a seagull biding its time on the railings or a starfish lying in the path, every day is different.

These lunchtime meanderings are good for the soul.

I’ve not undertaken a long term photographic challenge since 2013 but I could be tempted to do another one. Someone has already suggested taking a photo of the same view from the same point every day for a year to catalogue the seasonal changes. It’s a thought…..

For now though, here’s a selection of views from my lunchtime wanderings.

 views 1views 2views 5views4views 3