Photographic Memory…..

It’s no secret, I love taking photos. My phone has thousands upon thousands on it and I do actually browse through them on a regular basis.

They are a quick easy way of stepping back in time to precious moments.

They are the photographic memory of that split second in time or that trip that you took or the person you met.

They are a quick route to a happy place.

You get where I’m going with this.

I’ll no doubt get a bit of stick for this but the Nickelback song Photograph always makes me smile. Not so much in respect of the images that Chad Kroeger is singing about but about the images I recall with the same level of fondness.

Don’t know the song? OK here’s the link to it :

So what photos make my short list?

Actually, it could be a very long list so I’ll limit it to 5…whew I hear you sigh!

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