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Meandering in Sun and Shadows

Sometimes you need to step into the shadows to appreciate the beauty in the sunshine.

Snowdrops – an acrostic poem

Silently meandering

No one watching or listening

Only the sounds of nature for company

Wondering what is to come…

Daydreaming of long light summer nights

Reflecting on the dark days of winter

Open to new possibilities

Praying for better days as I

Silently meander.

Chasing Fungi….

I’m no expert but I did survive my “toadstool” hunt the other day. Being a creature of habit, I tend to walk the same route after work most days. As I walked down the hill the other day I spotted some toadstools and decided to see how many I could find on my late afternoon meander. It was very much a “look don’t touch” search. Here’s what I found :

Meandering (an acrostic poem)

Mentally recharging the batteries

Emotionally clearing the clouds

And releasing all the pain

No set destination or direction

Drawn by the lure of the shore

Enchanted by the energy of the river

Rhythmic waves soothing the soul

Isolated from the wider world

Nothing and no one to disturb the daydreams

Grateful to have made it through another day.

As summer departs….

There’s a certain stillness to the evenings now that summer is ebbing away. The air is cooler. The beach is quieter.

I use my daily meandering as time to think, time to reflect, time to daydream. It’s my “me time”.

Occasionally I’ll set myself a photo challenge as I’m wandering along, partly to give myself something to “focus” on.

Recently the challenge was “berries”

How many sleeps til summer returns?…….

Forest calm…or is it witchcraft?

Over ten years ago, a fortune teller caught me off guard and rather enthusiastically declared I had been a healing witch, a green forest dwelling witch, in a past life. I’ll not lie, that lady struck a few chords that night but that’s perhaps a story for another time. She also scared the hell out of me!

I’m not a big believer in having your fortune told. In fact, she was only perhaps the third or fourth “fortune teller” that I have ever had a conversation with, and it was only the second ever and, to date, last “reading” I’ve had. I had mis-understood what I was walking in on, and my guard was down. Her initial exuberant greeting rattled me, and my guard remained down while I was in her company.

She was adamant that I was a healer or had been in a past existence. She claimed I had lived in a forest and been well respected for my abilities as a green witch.

Well, if she says so….

Her words echoed back to me earlier this evening as I went for a walk with a friend through some local woodland.

It had been a long day. There’s a lot going on in my world just now and some of it was preying on my mind, leaving me feeling tense, more than a little sad and rather stressed out.

As we explored slightly off the beaten track, through some trees and woodland, I felt a weight lift and an air of calm descend. It was a noticeable shift in my energy. Definitely, a shift for the better. For the first time in a while, I felt at peace with myself.

Maybe the fortune teller from all those years ago was right….

What will you choose to do?

A few months ago, a close friend gave me a piece of advice . (I may have mentioned it on here before – can’t quite recall at this precise moment in time) Paraphrasing slightly, what they advised was to keep writing, keep taking lots of pictures, lie on the beach and stare at the sky. Basically- do more of what makes me happy.

Those words have echoed back at me regularly over the past 9/10 months and, wherever possible, they have been words to live by.

Taking time for yourself in this crazy world isn’t selfish. It’s called self-care. It’s essential.

So, what have I done?

Well, I’ve kept writing and typing Book Baby 7. I’m onto my second notebook and I’ve typed 10 000 words.

I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of photos. Very few of these have people in them and, of late, there have been more than a few flowers. Here’s just one to give you a flavour ( absolutely no idea what kind of flower this is but I love it!)

I haven’t sat on the beach …yet…but I have walked it many many times over the months.

and I’ve stared up at the sky…

So, what have you done to make you happy?

Which path to choose?…..

While out meandering earlier, I was thinking about this week’s blog post and wondering what to write. You’ve probably noticed but its very rarely that these weekly posts are planned much ahead of them being posted.

The various paths and trails around me caught my eye……

How different would life be if a different path had been followed or explored?…. that’s definitely a thought for another day but here are a few of the options I passed along the way.

but this one is crying out to be a story prompt……

Taking a moment to appreciate Spring’s beauty in all it’s colours (well some of them)

The dark days of winter are behind us (the temperatures are still lingering though) and the world is starting to look like a brighter place.

I’ve said many times on here that I’m a creature of habit and, much as I love going for a walk at the end of a busy day to clear the “work stuff” from my head to make room for the “creative stuff”, I do tend to walk the same routes. However, as Spring moves towards Summer, these familiar routes are forever changing.


The flowers are all starting to bloom and their colours make it a rainbow road instead of a grey one. Don’t believe me? Here, take a look for yourself..

Let’s make a wish that, when it arrives, Summer is a long hot colourful one.

Tangled Emotions

Yesterday while I was out walking, I was reflecting on a few things…. ok I was over thinking and was rapidly becoming over-emotional. I run on emotions. We all do. We’re human beings not robots.

Emotions are natural. They’re part of what makes us “us”.

But what are they?

According to Wikipedia :-

Emotions are biological states associated with all of the nerve systems brought on by neurophysiological changes variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioural responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure. There is currently no scientific consensus on a definition. Emotions are often intertwined with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, creativity, and motivation.

Leaving neurophysiological changes aside, I felt like my own emotions weren’t so much intertwined but were more like a tangled mess!

At that point, the trees to my left caught my attention.

That was it!

That was how my emotions felt!

 All tangled and twisted and knotted and just like the vines growing up and around the tree’s trunk. So, here’s my photographic interpretation of tangled emotions.