Under cover of darkness

For the first time in over eight months, I found myself out for the evening in Glasgow last night, thanks to a kind invitation from my Baby Girl. Normally I wouldn’t think twice about something like that but the delights of 2020 make you just that little bit wary.

It was also the opportunity to take some photos…. well, I’m never one to miss that, am I?

So what was the attraction that was lurking in the dark waiting to be explored? It was GlasGLOW, the annual Hallowe’en Light Show spectacular at the city’s Botanic Gardens.

This was the third year of the event and COVID has obviously had its impact on the extent of the display however the organisers had done a sterling job to create a magical experience.

I’ll admit it did seem a little odd to be walking through the Botanic Gardens in the pitch black. It also felt odd being among people! Everything was strictly socially distanced and masks were worn but that was the largest number of people I have seen in months. It was somewhat comforting.

And the GlasGLOW experience….well judge for yourself.

For that brief hour, it was nice to enjoy an experience that passed for normality. There’s been precious little of that this year.

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