On Boxing Day Night – a naughty Christmas poem

It was Boxing Day night

And oh what a sight!

In a bar in Candy Cane Lane

Santa and Scrooge propped up the bar

Both of them enjoying a festive jar

“Your round again, Santa,” Scrooge declared.

As towards the small stage a wide-eyed Santa stared.

Draped around a sparkling pole

Bedecked in tinsel Mrs Claus bared her all.

The lights dimmed and the music played.

Alone in the spotlight Mrs Claus swayed.

“Now that’s more like it!” said Scrooge with a smile

“That’s my wife!” gasped Santa after a while.

Keeping his eyes on the stage Scrooge eyed up her rear.

“I can understand now why you only work one night of the year!”

(image sourced via Google – all credits to the owner)

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