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Holding Hands

It happens so seldom

Despite my inner need and desire

A simple connection discarded along the way.

Then out of the blue you reached out

Walking down a quiet Paris street

Eiffel Tower in our sights.

You slipped your hand into mine

Your skin cool to the touch

That simple gesture touching my heart.

Woman – an acrostic poem for International Women’s Day

Who am I?

Or who do you think I am?

Meandering through life

Achieving quiet recognition as I go

Now comfortable in my own skin.

Snowdrops – an acrostic poem

Silently meandering

No one watching or listening

Only the sounds of nature for company

Wondering what is to come…

Daydreaming of long light summer nights

Reflecting on the dark days of winter

Open to new possibilities

Praying for better days as I

Silently meander.

Butterfly – an acrostic poem

Balanced on the smallest of blooms

Unique in her beauty

Trusting of the world around her

Terrified of what the future holds

Excited to feel free in the evening sun

Relieved that the rain showers have passed

Fragile to those to care to look closely

Lost on life’s journey

Yearning for something as yet unknown

Spring (Haiku)

Icy east wind blows.

Sun shines on the rutted path.

Spring lies just beyond.

note: a Haiku is a three line Japanese poem of seventeen syllables ( five, seven, five) evoking images of the natural world.

On Boxing Day Night – a naughty Christmas poem

It was Boxing Day night

And oh what a sight!

In a bar in Candy Cane Lane

Santa and Scrooge propped up the bar

Both of them enjoying a festive jar

“Your round again, Santa,” Scrooge declared.

As towards the small stage a wide-eyed Santa stared.

Draped around a sparkling pole

Bedecked in tinsel Mrs Claus bared her all.

The lights dimmed and the music played.

Alone in the spotlight Mrs Claus swayed.

“Now that’s more like it!” said Scrooge with a smile

“That’s my wife!” gasped Santa after a while.

Keeping his eyes on the stage Scrooge eyed up her rear.

“I can understand now why you only work one night of the year!”

(image sourced via Google – all credits to the owner)

Autumn – an acrostic poem

Autumn colours swathe the world

Uncertain times still upon us

Time for resilience

Unknowns…so many unknowns lie ahead

More than I care to contemplate

Now to watch and wait to see what Autumn brings