Long Shadows – now available worldwide

“Folks, we’ve another new one for you next. It’s a bit of a reflection on the good times. This is Back In The Day.”

The Delta blues influences appeared to catch the crowd off guard, but they clapped along in time as Jake and Todd performed the fast paced, technically challenging song that’s lyrics focused on their good memories of Rich and the band in days gone by. With a nod, Jake allowed Todd his moment in the spotlight during the mid-song solo. He couldn’t help but smile with pride as his former student played the difficult solo faultlessly. As they continued together for the final verse and chorus, Jake mouthed, “Good job.”

“Give it up for Todd, folks!” he cried out at the end of the song. “Awesome job!”

Two songs later, Jake paused between songs for a drink of water. Screwing the lid back on the bottle, he said, “We’ve two more for you. I’d like to thank you all for coming out tonight. This is the first time we’ve done an acoustic show like this and you’ve made it easy for us. Thank you.”

The fans cheered enthusiastically. Holding his hand up for quiet, Jake continued, “Our last new song is the title track from the new record. If you were at the show in Baltimore last year you might already have heard this. This is Shattered Hearts.”

As they played the intro to the album’s title track, Jake recalled the night he first played it for his sister out on the sun deck. Holding onto the memory helped to keep his mind focussed on the song. In front of him, the loyal Silver Lakers, who had been at Rich’s memorial show, sang the chorus along with him. Their passion for the song swelled his heart.

“Thank you. That was special,” said Jake as the last notes faded away. “Now, all good things come to an end, folks. You’ve been awesome tonight. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as Todd and me. We’ll leave you with Flyin’ High.”

Long Shadows is now available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback format worldwide!



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