Would you go on a date with Jake Power?

She had just put the finishing touches to her makeup when she heard a truck crunch over the gravel in front of the house. By the time she had made her way down the hallway to the front door, Jake was already on the porch. His long hair was still damp – signs of a recent shower- and he too seemed to have taken care with his wardrobe. Behind him in the driveway she could see a black Dodge Ram pickup truck parked under the tree.

“Your chariot awaits,” he declared theatrically.

“Hi, Jake,” she smiled, stepping out onto the porch, pausing to pull the door closed behind her.

“Hi,” he replied. “Are you still ok with this?”

“Of course! I’ve been looking forward to it,” she said. “And to seeing you,” she added silently to herself.

“Ok. Let’s go then. The local metropolis awaits you.”

Getting into the passenger seat of the truck proved to be a challenge, but Jake swept in and lifted her up into the seat. He slid her crutches in behind then handed her the strap of the seatbelt.

“I hope you’re impressed. I even cleaned out the truck for you,” he said proudly. “It’s not usually so tidy.”

“I’m honoured. Thank you.”

As Jake turned on the ignition, the stereo burst into life and the cab was suddenly filled with very loud hard rock music. He reached to switch it off, but Lori stopped him.

“No worries. It’s fine with me,” she assured. “Is this the kind of stuff your band plays?”

“Yeah,” said Jake reversing out into the narrow road.

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Shattered Hearts – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07ZY8ZSDM

Long Shadows – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08RR1FGLG

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