What will you be reading this 4th July?

Happy 4th of July, folks.

To celebrate, Impossible Depths is free to download to kindle for one day only.

To whet your appetite here’s an extract that I’ve not shared with you before:

After Jake had called, Lori had settled back on the sun lounger to read another chapter of her book. She had spent the afternoon quietly sunbathing in her bikini, confident that no one was going to drop by and disturb her. When she reached the end of the chapter, she slipped her bookmark into place and closed the book over. “Time to light the coals,” she thought, as she got to her feet. The decking boards were hot under her bare feet as she crossed the deck to the BBQ. A plastic chest sat at the side of the deck with the charcoal and BBQ fluid inside. Trying not to cover her bare skin with charcoal dust, Lori tipped the remains of the bag into the tray, scattering the lumpwood evenly. She sprayed it lightly with lighter fluid, then tossed in a lit match. Small flames licked up, gradually spreading out evenly over the bed of charcoal. Satisfied that it would stay lit, Lori headed indoors to wash her hands.

As she turned off the tap, the front doorbell rang.

Want to know more then download Impossible Depths today



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