Room 316 – adult flash fiction

Her heart skipped a beat as their hands touched. He smiled and took her hand in his, their fingers instinctively intertwining. The smile was one of those smiles that travelled from his mouth to his eyes and straight into her soul.

Without a word, he led her from the function suite, across the foyer, past some of their fellow guests, towards the elevators.

Two other couples joined them in the lift and, as the doors closed, he gave her hand a little squeeze.

They were the first to step out of the elevator on the third floor. Still hand in hand, they walked down the long corridor to her room – room 316, the heels of her stilettos sinking into the deep pile of the carpet.

Housekeeping had already been in and turned down the bed, leaving the bedside lamps lit. The soft light complimented their mood. She looked round the room, checking it was tidy, and smiled up at him when she saw the ice bucket with a bottle of champagne nestling inside and two crystal flutes sitting on the table in front of the window.

Filled with desire for her, he drew her towards him then delivered a tentative kiss to her lips. Hungrily, she returned his kiss, grazing his lower lip with her teeth. His tongue gently parted her lips, as it moved to explore the sweetness of her mouth. Kissing her deeply, his hand reached down over her derriere until he found the hem of her short black dress. Reaching under the soft material, his hand gently brushed her inner thigh then sought out her most intimate, sensitive area.

She could feel his erection pressing against her, his needs obvious. Fumbling with the fastening of his dress trousers, she sought to free him from the confines of the fabric. With his erection free, he lifted her off her feet. Nimbly, she wrapped her long, tanned legs around his waist. Kissing her hard, he lowered her down on his length, almost exploding as he slid into her.

“We’ve waited too long for this,” she purred softly.

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