Continue The Story – Fact Or Fiction? (flash fiction)

She spotted him from across the bookstore. He was hard to miss with those mesmerising eyes, the smile that could melt even the coldest heart and his hair still tied back in a long dark ponytail now streaked with grey. He was also the last person she had expected to see here. Her heart skipped a beat. Did he know? Had he read any of the books?

“Are you ok?” asked the fan in front of her, who was waiting for her to sign their book for them.

“Sorry,” she apologised. “My bad. Just spotted an old friend.”

“You looked like you’d seen a ghost.”

Smiling, she said, “Something like that.”

With a flourish, she signed the book and handed it back.

Two hours and many autographs later, the book signing was drawing to a close. It had been her most successful yet. She was exhausted and her hand was throbbing from writing so many dedications and signing her name. In her heart, she knew she shouldn’t grumble. Her fans were loving her books and she was living her dream as a result. This latest novel was the penultimate one in the series, and she’d been plagued with questions all night about how it was all going to end. Was the heroine going to get her man?

“Hi. Can you sign this to Luke please?”

The voice hadn’t changed over the years. Her heart melted a little at the sound of it.

“Or should that be “To Storm”?”

She froze. Storm was the hotter than hell bad boy rockstar in the books.

“You know?” she whispered, feeling her cheeks flush as she looked up into his eyes.

“I’m flattered,” he admitted, flashing her a smile. “Would it be too presumptuous to offer to take you for a drink when you’re done here? We could discuss where this storyline goes next.”

“And if I say yes, is it going to ended happily ever after?”

“That remains to be seen,” he replied with a wink.

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