Just write!

I’m pretty sure that I’ve blogged along a similar theme in the past but bear with me.

Last week I shared Book Baby 7 aka Riley’s front cover with the world. (Here it is in case you missed it – Riley…..cover reveal | Coral McCallum) The reaction to it has been great so thank you but here comes the confession… the story still isn’t quite finished yet. Oops!

I’m not a million miles away from being finished. I mean, what’s a few thousand words between friends?

For me, writing timescales are quite fluid. Writing happens when it happens. The joys of being an indie author. The only person setting word count targets and manuscript deadlines for me is me. And, you know what, that works for me just now.

Creativity is something that’s always there. Even when I’m not actively creating/writing something, there’s that wee part of my brain whirring away with ideas/thoughts/potential characters.

Creativity is also a great coping mechanism in this manic world that we live in. It’s an escape from reality. It’s a way to create a better/alternative reality. It’s a way to express our thoughts and feelings. It’s a way of telling a story.

Humans have been storytellers since the start of time. There was no one sitting in the cave or around the campfire saying that the storyteller needed to stick to a certain length/word count, or a structured formula for the story. There were no paragraph and chapter plans. There probably weren’t that many titles either. Storytellers simply told their stories and over time and re-telling these stories were embellished and enhanced and improved upon or discarded depending on the audience’s reaction.

No one back then worried about having qualifications in creative writing or language or literature.

Folks simply told the stories that were within them to tell.

I follow several groups on social media for authors/writers/bloggers and all too frequently you see aspiring storytellers’ dreams quashed because someone insists that their story is too short/too long, that they need a professional editor that they probably can’t afford or that they need a professionally designed cover that they can’t afford either…you get the picture.

Creative souls are sensitive souls. They need to be nurtured and encouraged. This world needs more storytellers.

So, my message to any aspiring authors/writers/storytellers is simple – tell your story your way and in your own time and enjoy telling it.

Just write! And keep on writing.

And on that note, I’d better turn my creative attention back to my unfinished book baby.

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One response to “Just write!

  1. That’s the only piece of advice I feel every writer should take to heart. We could do away with ‘use less adverbs’ or ‘show don’t tell’, and instead go back to the wisdom of ‘just write’. Nothing else need be said, or done. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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