Gentle Giants

Yes that tiny little spec at the top of the steps is me!

These gentle giants stand on the hills above Greenock. I’ve watched them from afar and until yesterday had never been up close to them.

Boy Child suggested a change of scenery for a walk in the chilly November sun. A bit of remote peace and quiet sounded like the ideal way to spend and hour or so. A bit of headspace time that we both needed after a hectic week. Time away from the world.

There’s something soothing about the gentle swooshing noise these turbines make. OK, one was whinging and whining a bit. (Must be the teenage girl one! LOL) It was surprisingly calming walking the circular route round the wind farm. There’s eight of these gentle giants and they stand some 110m high. The view from the top of one must be stunning as the views from ground level are breathtaking.

An hour among these gentle giants was definitely good for the soul.

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