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Gentle Giants

Yes that tiny little spec at the top of the steps is me!

These gentle giants stand on the hills above Greenock. I’ve watched them from afar and until yesterday had never been up close to them.

Boy Child suggested a change of scenery for a walk in the chilly November sun. A bit of remote peace and quiet sounded like the ideal way to spend and hour or so. A bit of headspace time that we both needed after a hectic week. Time away from the world.

There’s something soothing about the gentle swooshing noise these turbines make. OK, one was whinging and whining a bit. (Must be the teenage girl one! LOL) It was surprisingly calming walking the circular route round the wind farm. There’s eight of these gentle giants and they stand some 110m high. The view from the top of one must be stunning as the views from ground level are breathtaking.

An hour among these gentle giants was definitely good for the soul.

Sunset – medicine for the soul

Spending time outdoors in the sunshine in the highlight of the day during these crazy times we are living through. Even the Scottish weather has taken pity on us mere humans and been glorious for the past couple of weeks or more.

Usually I’ve been walking along the coastal route, enjoying a regular meander along the beach and filling my lungs with salty sea air but last Friday evening it looked as though Mother Nature was going to treat us to a spectacular sunset.

Time to change route to get a better view!

So, instead of heading down the steep hill from the house, Boy Child and I headed up.

What a view!



With time to spare before the sun actually set, we decided to explore the woodland to the west.

Not a soul in sight. Birds were singing in the trees. A gentle breeze was rustling through the leaves. It was peaceful. Calming. Serene.



SO good for the soul.

We eventually followed a path that brought us out at the back of the a local caravan park and guess what we found? A park and some swings!


I love swings! (yes, I know I’m a big kid)

Having channelled my inner child for a few brief moments, we retraced our steps arriving back at the car park just in time to watch the sun sink behind the Argyllshire hills.


Here, take a look but this doesn’t do it justice.



Sometimes you just need to pause and take in the beauty of the world around you and appreciate all that you have.

Stay safe, folks.


Same View Different Day


No matter how often you admire the same view, it never looks the same twice……

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I walk past this view several times a week. I’ve walked past this view several times a week for years…..it never grows old, it never stays the same. Sometimes constant change is good…