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As I Meander (poem)

As I meander, I listen

Listen to the birds singing

The waves washing in on the shore

The wind in the trees

The daydreams in my mind.

As I meander, I watch

Watch the traffic pass me by

Watch for the car I hope to see

I listen for the engine approach

But the familiar growl remains unheard.

As I meander, I watch and listen

Watch the people who pass me by

Watch to see if it’s the friendly face I seek

Listen to the footsteps approach from behind.

But the familiar tread remains unheard.

As I meander, I watch and listen and daydream.

Continue the Story – Beach Daydreams (flash fiction)

With the sun beating down on her, she knew in her heart that she had made the right decision to come to the beach. Thoughts of walking along the sand, of playing in the waves, of watching the seabirds dance in the shallows and the sights and sounds and aromas of the boardwalk had been beacons of hope during her darkest of days.

Now, as the sun rose on a beautifully clear June morning, the boardwalk ran behind her, the ocean sparkled and shimmered before her, and miles and miles of soft sand stretched into the distance on either side of her. It was still early, barely breakfast time, but around her the world was slowly coming to life. There were a few fishermen scattered along the shoreline, their rods dug deep into the sand. A few photographers were at work, capturing the beauty of the new day to share on social media. Those sunrise livestreams had brightened many a dark day.

Everything around her was just as she had hoped it would be and more.

As she gazed down the beach, she watched an early morning fitness junkie approach, pounding out the miles on the hard packed sand.

She felt as though she had stepped into the pages of one of her own novels; she felt as though she’d come home.

A relaxed smile playing on her lips, she began to meander down the beach, allowing her daydreams to play out as reality around her. Dreams do come true……

credits to the owner of the sunrise photo – Kevin Lynam Photography (photo is tagged)

You can find more of Kevin’s work on his website https://www.kevinlynamphotography.com