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Forest calm…or is it witchcraft?

Over ten years ago, a fortune teller caught me off guard and rather enthusiastically declared I had been a healing witch, a green forest dwelling witch, in a past life. I’ll not lie, that lady struck a few chords that night but that’s perhaps a story for another time. She also scared the hell out of me!

I’m not a big believer in having your fortune told. In fact, she was only perhaps the third or fourth “fortune teller” that I have ever had a conversation with, and it was only the second ever and, to date, last “reading” I’ve had. I had mis-understood what I was walking in on, and my guard was down. Her initial exuberant greeting rattled me, and my guard remained down while I was in her company.

She was adamant that I was a healer or had been in a past existence. She claimed I had lived in a forest and been well respected for my abilities as a green witch.

Well, if she says so….

Her words echoed back to me earlier this evening as I went for a walk with a friend through some local woodland.

It had been a long day. There’s a lot going on in my world just now and some of it was preying on my mind, leaving me feeling tense, more than a little sad and rather stressed out.

As we explored slightly off the beaten track, through some trees and woodland, I felt a weight lift and an air of calm descend. It was a noticeable shift in my energy. Definitely, a shift for the better. For the first time in a while, I felt at peace with myself.

Maybe the fortune teller from all those years ago was right….