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Meandering in Sun and Shadows

Sometimes you need to step into the shadows to appreciate the beauty in the sunshine.

Snowdrops – an acrostic poem

Silently meandering

No one watching or listening

Only the sounds of nature for company

Wondering what is to come…

Daydreaming of long light summer nights

Reflecting on the dark days of winter

Open to new possibilities

Praying for better days as I

Silently meander.

Meandering After Dark

Sometimes you need to take time to meander and recharge those batteries and just chill for a bit.

Normal blog service will resume next week.

Chasing Fungi….

I’m no expert but I did survive my “toadstool” hunt the other day. Being a creature of habit, I tend to walk the same route after work most days. As I walked down the hill the other day I spotted some toadstools and decided to see how many I could find on my late afternoon meander. It was very much a “look don’t touch” search. Here’s what I found :

Meandering (an acrostic poem)

Mentally recharging the batteries

Emotionally clearing the clouds

And releasing all the pain

No set destination or direction

Drawn by the lure of the shore

Enchanted by the energy of the river

Rhythmic waves soothing the soul

Isolated from the wider world

Nothing and no one to disturb the daydreams

Grateful to have made it through another day.

Taking time….

A wise person told me a couple of months back ( and I paraphrase) to take lots of photos, to lie on the beach (maybe not recommended in Scotland at the end of October) and to stare at the sky.

Last Friday, I took a couple of hours to myself and did just that….it was good for the soul

Got to keep chasing those rainbows……