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Happy Mother’s Day – give your mom time to read and relax today…just a hint…

***** Happy Mother’s Day*****

They were so lost in conversation that they had almost reached the bath house before either of them noticed how far they had walked.

“Do you want to sit down for a few minutes?” suggested Jake, fretting that they had come too far for Lori. “Let you catch your breath a bit?”

Lori paused, then let out a sharp gasp as she clutched her stomach.


“My waters just broke,” she gasped as she stared down at the wet patch of sand around her feet and at the fluid trickling down her legs.


(excerpt from Bonded Souls)


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Feeding The Soul


Last night as I drove home from work, my mind was racing. The cogs were still whirling round as I reflected on the various highs and lows of the day. The creative cogs were beginning to pick up speed as I began to plan ahead for the evening’s writing activities. The “me” cogs were going into over drive as I thought and over thought various other things.

Then I really looked at the road ahead of me. Looked at the sky. Looked  at the world around me.

Without hesitation, I  turned off the road into a small car park a few hundred yards further along the road.

Sometimes you just need to put the plans on hold and do what’s good for your soul.

I did just that.


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Thirty minutes later I returned to the car, soul suitably fed.

Pause….. Breathe…… Open Your Eyes

Sometimes you need to hit “pause” and just escape into the great outdoors.

It’s no secret – I love the sun, regardless of how hot or cold the air temperature may be. While I much prefer a hot sunny summer day, I can’t resist the crisp cold sunny days of Autumn.

Recently one such day lured me out for a long walk with my camera.

We spend so much of our lives rushing from A to B, glued to our laptops, or browsing social media on our phones that we forget to hit “pause” and actually look up and appreciate the world around us.

It’s amazing what you see when you just open your eyes ….. here, take a look!


Calming The Troubled Waters Of My Mind

Sometimes you need to find an activity that calms your mind, gives you that break from reality and allows you a few precious moments to re-group your thoughts.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. For some people it may be going for a ten mile run. For others it may be a long walk in the countryside. Some people prefer to seek out an alternative therapy treatment. You get the picture, right?

Personally, I use a few different things to calm the waters in my mind. Usually a walk with my iPod, preferably along a beach, does the trick. If I’m planning complete and utter relaxation and require to re-charge my inner soul then my solution is a Reiki treatment.

Sometimes though you need to be more spontaneous and the relaxation source has to be close at hand.

Yesterday morning, my mind was buzzing when I awoke at the crack of dawn. (Sleep has been a luxury that’s been denied for the past few nights thanks to a sickly Big Green Gummi Bear. It’s been like sleeping alongside Darth Vader in his death throes! Sorry, honey)

Anyway, long before seven o’clock I gave up even trying to get any sleep. Apart from the snoring and groaning that was going on to my left, my brain had gone into overdrive. The “To Do” list for the day was spiralling round-

  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Housework
  • Set up the Facebook fan page that I co-admin for the day
  • Photos to downloaded from my camera
  • Photos to be edited and published
  • Blog to be written
  • Promotion of Stronger Within aka Book Baby
  • Typing up of Book Baby 2
  • Writing of Book Baby 3
  • Continue Photoshop tutorials
  • Track down the Rival Sons set from Glastonbury on TV/pc or in fact anywhere!!! (found part of it on Periscope)

By eight o’clock, the photos had been dealt with (and turned out not too bad even if I do say so myself) and the fan page had been half done.

The “thoughts” over load continued while I was in the shower as I mentally tried to squeeze it all into the rest of the day and still have time to cook meals etc.

“STOP!” screamed my inner conscience. “Time out, girl!”

For once, I listened to myself.

So what was the relaxation fix of choice to clear and calm my frazzled state of mind?

I spent a very calming hour on my own, in the warmth of the conservatory, colouring in. I re-connected with my inner child. Art Therapy, if you want to be grown up about.

Nothing complex. Just a quiet simple period of time alone, focussing on one simple task.

It was bliss!

By the end of the hour, I felt calm and relaxed once more.

The “To Do” list had been shortened into something achievable. And, despite the lousy weather outside, the day was looking brighter.

Oh and I had three brightly coloured butterflies on the page in front of me!

Happy days!


And Breathe…..And Relax

And breathe…and relax.

The “R” word is something I am very bad at. It’s always on the To Do List but invariably ends up being the last thing to be ticked off – if I even get that far!

This week however I ticked it off the list!

I find it very difficult to make proper “me time” on a regular basis. Yes. I go for a walk most lunchtimes (weather permitting) but that doesn’t really relax me as , by the time I’m heading back up the path towards the salt mine, I’m already thinking to the afternoon ahead and to what I need to achieve.

If the sun’s out at the weekend or on summer evenings I try to head out for a walk along the beach, camera in hand, but again, soothing as it is, I’m thinking photos, sunsets, birds and the occasional rainbow.

“Book Baby” has taken up a huge amount of my spare time over the past year and a half and, much as I love losing myself in my characters and the story, I don’t totally relax while I’m sitting pen in hand (cue panic that people will think my Book Baby is ugly!)

So how do I relax? How do I finally hit the pause button on my world and my mind?


To explain briefly, for those of you who have never heard the word before, Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. (This link explains it better than I ever could www.reiki.org )

For about ninety minutes the world around me gets placed on hold. Nothing out with the room exists. It truly is my “me time”.

I’ve tried a wide variety of holistic and massage therapies over the years. I’ve even taken courses on some but Reiki is the only one I’ve found that totally de-stresses me and generates a calm feeling that lasts way beyond the actual treatment.

For me, each treatment differs. Over the last ten or twelve years that I’ve been enjoying the benefits, no two experiences have felt the same. Some have been very emotionally intense but I always head home feeling lighter, calmer and at peace with my world.

Last Wednesday night was no different. I knew I had left it too long between treatments but even I was horrified with myself to discover it had been ten months since my last “me time”. Far too long and it won’t happen again. (I promise, Laurie)

It’s a very personal experience when you have a Reiki treatment. I  feel there has to be a connection with the Reiki practitioner. If that bond isn’t forged then you don’t get the full benefits of the therapy session.

This time the experience was very calm, deeply relaxing and good for the soul. Exactly what I needed.

The best analogy I can use to describe the effect Reiki has on me is this – you know the spare shoelace that lies at the back of the junk drawer in your kitchen? The one that’s all tangled up and covered in bits of fluff and dried up elastic bands? Right, that’s how I feel when I arrive for a treatment. The “fluff” is all the clutter that sticks to us in daily life. When I leave, the shoelace is all clean and straight. All the kinks have been removed and the fluff’s long since been shed.

Even now, several days later, I’ve still got that feeling of inner peace. I visualise the Reiki energy being stored within me in wee bubbles. My bubbles are all round and full just now. Happy girl.

Once they start to pop and dwindle in number then it’s time for “me time”.

This time I promise myself that I won’t wait until they are long since gone.

If you are feeling frazzled by everyday life, this beautiful therapy experience may be the one for you. It’s not for everyone as some people find it too intense but if you think it could be for you, treat yourself.

You inner shoelace will love you for it!

 bubbles collage

credits to the picture owners- sourced from Google